Here are answers to your most common questions! If you have a question that is not on the list, shoot us an email at iheartloudmouth@gmail.com!

1. I have sensitive skin. Are your products safe? 

All of our products are chemical, gluten and cruelty-free. We use safe, natural ingredients with skin nourishment in mind when we craft our products. Castor oil which has abundant therapuetic properties for skin, is the base for all of our products! Many of our customers with sensitive skin who have been unable to wear makeup in the past, are able to wear our products with no issues. As always, test a small part of your skin first if you are unsure.

1. Typically, how long does each lip pot last?

This depends on how often you wear your lip color. One customer wore a color everyday, and the pot lasted her 10 months!

2. How long will the color last? 

Keep in mind, chemicals are what makes lipstick stay on longer and we are chemical free! On average, the gloss formula will last 2-3 hours, and the matte can last up to 6 hours. The lasting time varies per color. 

3. What Lip Frosting  colors are the most pigmented and are more likely to last the longest?

In general, our most pigmented shades are "Bad Apple", "Velvet Rope", "Burn Out", "Eat. Bae. Love.", "La Vida Mocha", and "Plum Roll Please".

4. What do I apply the Lip Frosting with?

Our "Two can Play..." Duo Brush has 2 ends, so it's perfect for applying your Lip Frosting and 3-in1 Pigments!

5. I don't usually wear bright colors. Do you have colors that are nude, subtle, or more toned down?

Yes! Even though Loudmouth is our name, we have over 30 lip colors to choose from, many of which are more everyday, subtle colors.

6. Where do you sell your products?

In addition to right here in our Online Store, I sell at various crafters markets in Florida. Check our Instagram "Pop-Ups" highlights for our next markets!